Christmas Countdown

Christmas Memories in My Heart is a place for me to share all things related to Christmas, which is my favorite time of the year. I plan and prepare for the holidays all year, so that I can enjoy that busy time without having to stress about shopping and all the details of the season.

I am actually able to decorate and then enjoy the spirit of the holidays and celebrate Jesus' birth and the reason for the season.

You can find links to my three favorite holiday sites in my sidebar. They are Organized Christmas, Our Home for the Holidays, and Magical Holiday Home. All three of these special places are like my home away from home. I have cyber friends there who I feel a great bond with and we share a common love of Christmas. We understand each other and support each other in our quest to have magical, wonderful holidays.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Santa Live Now Weblog

I read the other day that Christmas in July is really big in Australia because this is the coldest time of the year, just like it is amid the hottest time in the north. Today, I was reading some holiday blogs and ran across a link to Santa Live Now weblog that has a great post about this as well as additional info about our Aussie neighbors.

I read the post and then realized that I had stumbled onto something much more than one good post. This weblog is amazing. I have just started to explore the countless videos and stories that are there. Santa himself talks to us from the videos and believe me, I will be back over and over to view all the wonders of this site.

Click on the link above, but be prepared, there is more there than you can handle during Christmas in July. This will be a long term exploration and delight for me.

According to the weblog, there is a 2009 tour across the US with stops planned in major cities and it is linked to raising money for juvenile diabetes. Caution: I have NOT checked this out. Please do not click and send money or sign up for things without investigating this thoroughly. I am going to try to check this out, but in the meantime, the site has a marvelous wealth of Santa and Christmas information.

It shows that the fun starts on July 10 at 10:30 a.m. I will be checking back to see what all this is about.

Memories of Christmas School Programs

These performances were always some of my favorites. When my children were young, we often had numerous school musicals or holiday programs each year. Add to that, there were programs that my neices and nephew were in, too.

The high school that I taught at for 17 years also had a night of Christmas one acts that were done by the theatre arts classes. These were not always very polished performances, but were wonderful to view. The kids that I never thought would appear on a stage were there. Sometimes, these kids didn't even have a speaking part, but they were so thrilled to have a part in a play. This was a chance for everyone to take part. In our small high school, even the homemaking departments got involved. They provided refreshment for the crowd. This gave the kids taking those classes some practical experience. Not only did they make wonderful cookies, scones, dessert bars and punch, they also learned how to dress appropriately for such an event and polished their manners. Kudos to Jan Stewart, theatre teacher; Kay Manning and Jeanne Guilloud, home economics teachers, for providing such a wonderful life lesson. The students and the audience were better off for these yearly experiences.