Christmas Countdown

Christmas Memories in My Heart is a place for me to share all things related to Christmas, which is my favorite time of the year. I plan and prepare for the holidays all year, so that I can enjoy that busy time without having to stress about shopping and all the details of the season.

I am actually able to decorate and then enjoy the spirit of the holidays and celebrate Jesus' birth and the reason for the season.

You can find links to my three favorite holiday sites in my sidebar. They are Organized Christmas, Our Home for the Holidays, and Magical Holiday Home. All three of these special places are like my home away from home. I have cyber friends there who I feel a great bond with and we share a common love of Christmas. We understand each other and support each other in our quest to have magical, wonderful holidays.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Tour of Printersdevil's Home

Jesus, the reason for the season
In this time of much hustle and bustle and holiday events, it is too easy for some to forget the reason that we celebrate Christmas. Political correctness in today's society has many dropping the word Christmas and replacing with the word holiday. To me, that is as bad as dropping the word Christ and replacing it with an X. I have always been very respectful of others' beliefs and traditions and hope to have the same respect given to my beliefs. I love the Christmas holidays and all things related to it---the Christ child and nativities, Santa, reindeer, elves, presents, food, family, vacation time, colder weather, etc. So, as I start this virtual tour of my Christmas decorations it is fitting for me to start with two of my favorite nativity scenes. I have many that were my late Mom's and I will always treasure them although they have no material significance. The first one is a new addition to my collection and is a musical snowglobe. The second one is just one that I like a lot.

The above tree was my late MIL's. It started as a large tree and she cut it off numerous times through the years after she didn't want to bother with a large tree. The ornaments were all made by Ida. They belong to my DD, who cherishes these. Last year, (our first Christmas without Ida, Tracie couldn't find the ornaments and we almost had a crisis. We located them and the tree holds special meaning to us as it graces the corner by our entertainment center.

Welcome to the Holiday Tour of my home
My photos of the entire front yard were not good---it was frigid today when I took them, so you will get to see the two areas separate. The nativity scene is just across the sidewalk to the right of the little courtyard area. I really do love Christmas and truly wish that it could last all year! In fact, for me, it does. I spend 365 days a year thinking about Christmas. I shop throughout the year, observer Rudolph Day every month on the 25th and even secretly wear Christmas socks or pins on those days. I absolutely love Christmas music and would listen to it 24/7 if I could get away with it!

Last year for Christmas my daughter, Tracie, gave me a beautiful Seiko clock that plays music every half hour. It even has a mode for Christmas music. I didn't get to enjoy the holiday songs last year, but I am so enjoying them this year.

Most of the nativity sets displayed here belonged to my late Mom. She loved to collect these and didn't care if they were big or small or expensive or cheap. I also have some of her angel collection displayed with my small angel tree.
Thank you for stopping by our place. I hope you enjoy the tour. It is nothing fancy or elegant, but reflects who I am and the comfort zone that I love.

Front yard featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus and a couple of the elves working to fill stockings and deliver holiday packages.

Night view---it really is brighter.

Jesus, the reason for the season!

Night view of the nativity and our holiday message

"Let it snow" banner greets guests as they leave the entry way

The inside view of the front doors with a snowman waiting to whisk away the excess snow!

Main tree in entryway
Family room is to the left and one entrance to the kitchen on the right

Three snowmen on the ledge outside the family room

Santa and Mrs. Claus shelf sitters on the opposite side of the entry ledge

Cute snowman on the windowsill of one of my stained glass windows

Welcome sign on entry closet door

Small Liberty Falls village

Christmas village on entertainment stand

Village from one end

Final view of village

Just a note: I decided last year that I wanted a Christmas village, but didn't want to have the big investment of time or money to acquire one. So, in October, I started picking up pieces at thrift stores, Goodwill and the Salvation Army TS. Thus, my vintage village.

I absolutely hate to pay full price for anything. This year when I decided to change up my trees and the decor, I continued to shop at my thrifty haunts and Dollar Tree and the majority of tree decor is from there.
Christmas countdown

Clock that plays Christmas carols

Hutch with a bit of Christmas

Nativity candleabra and one piece village
End table Santa

Mantle with smaller village pieces and stockings

Village on sofa table

Santa snow globe
More of sofa table village

Sofa table

Window to kitchen with chili pepper lights---they stretch over the opening to dining area and back around the top of opening to front room from the entryway

Additional rooms are in the following posts.

Tree in dining area of kitchen

Snowman tree on breakfast bar

Frosty shovel on cabinet above stove

Looking at breakfast bar tree from stove area

More of the Holiday Tour of Home for Printersdevil

Snowman Tree in Beverage Area

Snowman sign to left of sink

Snowman sign to right of sink

Unique nativity on table

Father Christmas on top of microwave cabinet

Tree in master bedroom

Large ceramic nativity on cedar chest at foot of master bed

Singing Western Santa

Tub area in master bath

View from door in master bath

Nativity on master bath vanity

Another view from door of master bath
Santa village on ledge behind corner tub

Another view

Santa, and two nativities on tub ledge

Santa Village

Angel tree and a few of Mom's angels on dresser in guest bedroom

Angel on top of television in guest bedroom

Tree in hall bath featuring the two deer that were my late MIL's

Tree on toilet in hall bath

Small nativity on bath window ledge

Small nativity given to my Dad on Christmas Day while in the hospital his last Christmas. One of the women from his assisted living complex and her husband visited Daddy on Christmas Day and gave him this. He was so proud of their visit and the token gift. He had had surgery the day before and was pretty much out of it, but he remembered them coming to visit early that morn.

These little girls were my late MIL's. She had a huge collection of figurines of all types. I display some of her Christmas things every year.

Nativity from hall shelf

More of dear Ida's holiday figurines

Nativity that adorns the top of this shelf in the hall outside the bathroom. This was one of my Mom's many nativities. I have many of her others displayed. None were anything special, except in sentiment. They bring a little joy to the holidays for me now that she is gone.

View of the entire shelf in the hall

Tree in adult daughter's room. She is living back at home at the moment and still decorates with the bright neon colors. The tree looks a little dark, but it isn't in real life since it sports shiny purple, lime, and hot pink bulbs.

Singing cactus
Another of Mom's small nativities in Tracie's bright room

Thank you for stopping by and taking my tour. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas is a magical time of the year when we are able to share with others. It is so much more gratifying to give than to receive and it should never be about the amount of the gifts. The best gifts are those that come from the heart with love.
The birth of the Christ Child was the greatest gift of all and came to us from God. Remember, He is the reason for the season.