Christmas Countdown

Christmas Memories in My Heart is a place for me to share all things related to Christmas, which is my favorite time of the year. I plan and prepare for the holidays all year, so that I can enjoy that busy time without having to stress about shopping and all the details of the season.

I am actually able to decorate and then enjoy the spirit of the holidays and celebrate Jesus' birth and the reason for the season.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tea at Church

I thought since my pictures of my Holiday Home Tour are not ready (see post below) that I could at least share some Christmas spirit with you until I get my photos posted. The following three photos are from a holiday tea at my church. It is called “The Gift” and tables are sponsored by women of the church and the individual tables were stunning. A friend and I plan to host a table next year.
Hopefully these will help bridge the gap until I get my home tour photos up on my blog.
The first is the beautiful tree that adorned the stage area at the front of the church during the tea.
Tree at Christmas Tea at Church 2008
The next two are of the rest of the stage area and the beautiful setting backdrop. Tables were set up throughout the sanctuary. Thankfully, the chairs are all moveable, allowing for the sanctuary to be used for things like this. It was beautiful and very inspirational and uplifting. The book, “A Cup of Christmas Tea” was read. If you are not familiar with the story in this little book, I highly recommend you picking up a copy of it. It was written by a man, but during “The Gift” it was read by a woman to go along with this year’s theme, A Cup of Christmas Tea.
Setting on stage area at Christmas tea
Setting on the stage for tea

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these photos of this tea.

Remember to return on Tuesday, Dec. 16 for the tour of my home and holiday decorations.

Daughter and friends with Santa

Here is a picture of my daughter, Tracie, with four of her friends and Santa. Tracie is in the upper right corner.

Santa and Friends

Decorating Elves Had A Delay Today--Please Come Back On Tuesday

I had an unexpected all day visit on Sunday from my two nieces (five and almost seven years) and nephew (30 months old). I got a call early Sunday asking if I could keep them while she worked at the mall. I was delighted to spend the time with them, but needless to say it hampered my finishing my decorating and getting photos. They were here until around dinner time and by then I was exhausted.

I have one last day to work tomorrow to get some contest material in the mail prior to a deadline and then an office Progressive Dinner tomorrow evening. But, I promise to have this up by Tuesday. So, please come back.

I should have at least take pictures of the front of the house before turning off all the lights. I didn't even think about doing that! I guess my brain and body were both too tired to process that at least the front yard didn't have to be cleaned before pictures. My house is FAR, FAR from childproof, so Sunday was interesting to say the least.

I am so excited about this tour, even though I know that my items are far from the elegant things that most of you have. I love Christmas and all things surrounding the holidays.

So, yawl, come back to view my things. I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of yours. And the day by day tour of our hostess is such a great tease and wonderful way to spend the week.